UPDATE 3.26.07

One gallery added

Updated added to Oakland Zoo (six news animals)

UPDATE 1.13.07

Two galleries added

UPDATE 6.15.06

Five new galleries added:

Ok, so the Saguaro National Park Gallery is a do-over from the previous website.   Also, the photos for the Yuba River and White Tank Mountain were taken last year, but the galleries are new.  The reason is that I'd let this website slide as I focused on my illustration.  I hope to be more focused and add galleries regularly.

UPDATE 6.5.06

Well, after learning the painful lesson that inline frames are like search engine poison, I've redone every single gallery and given every photo it's own page.  This was lots of work, and there are still some display problems with Safari, Foxfire and Opera (mostly with the .css used on the drop down menus)  But all in all I'm happy with the results.  If you find any display problems or errors (or photos mislabeled, broken links) please let me know!

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