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(c) 2009  All photography on this site is considered the intellectual property of Roger Hall.

License Information

By purchasing and downloading a photo you are bound by the terms of this license:

Photos MAY BE USED for: any advertising, promotion, packaging, communication, and editorial use in the following mediums: web site graphics, internet banners, print and broadcast ads, newspapers, packaging, direct mail, consumer magazines, trade magazines, annual reports, billboards, point-of-sale displays, brochures, newsletters, invitations, impermanent signs, transit boards, sales kits, trade show displays, and free promotional items.

You must purchase a license for each image.  Images may be used for more than one project if the projects are related.  For example: an image can used multiple times for the same newsletter, but it cannot then be used in other ways such as a book illustration or to promote a website. SEPARATE LICENSES MUST BE PURCHASED FOR USE DIFFERENT USE.

Without an extended license, Inkart Productions Stock Illustrations images MAY NOT BE USED for: Imprinting on product for sale, such as clothing (for example, t-shirts where the Inkart Productions image makes the shirt unique), fabrics or other merchandise, cards, or books (no extended license is required for editorial use by magazines and newspapers).  To purchase an extended license for any of the above purposes, contact Inkart Productions.  Also, you cannot use any image found on this site for any illegal or fraudulent purpose or to promote pornographic and/or obscene material.

PLEASE NOTE: The image may not be distributed on a photo CD, website or by any other means intended to provide images for use in printing, building websites, etc.

Also, you may not re-license, sell, or permit others to use images licensed from Inkart Productions for design, advertising, journalistic purposes, etc..  For example, you may purchase a license on behalf of a client while designing an advertisement for them but you may not then use that image for other clients.

Special consideration is given to environmental organizations and non-profits and in most cases the images can be used without a fee.  Please send an email to request use of an image.  If you are a student or educator and wish to use an image for a project or lesson you may do so without specific permission from the copyright owner, although an email is appreciated.