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entrance sign to the george c page museumsaber-tooth cats, entrance george c page museum mammoth and japanese art museum - la brea tar pits extinct animal skeletons - george c page museum
columbian mastodon skeleton columbian mastadon statue bubble on the tar pit, la brea brea condor skeleton - george c page museum
dire wolf statue - george c page museum dire wolf statue detail extinct antique bison skull courtyard gardens from above
extinct american lion skeletonharlan's ground sloth skeleton extinct animal skulls, george c page museumsaber tooth cats statues, la brea tar pits
saber tooth cat transitional display
saber-tooth cat attacking giant slothsaber-tooth cat skull, george c page museum extinct antique bison skeleton extinct antique bison skeleton detail
mammoths and la brea tar pits saber tooth cats statue, la brea tar pits mammoth stuck in tar pit, la brea mastodon and tar pits
extinct western horse skeleton short faced bear statue - la brea tar pits courtyard gardens - george c page museum waterfalls in the garden courtyard, george c page museum