Official US Forest Site: Desolation Wilderness

Tags: desolation wilderness, tahoe, california, mountains, pines, junipers, alpine, lake, pica

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view of the alpine lake in desolation wildernesslake and pine trees in desolation wilderness weathered pines in desolation wildernesssierra junipers and canyons in the desolation wilderness
dead pine in desolation wilderness lakeshore study in desolation wildernesswindblown trees in desolation wildernesspica
lake in desolation wildernessrock study, desolation wildernessupturned root that looks like a giraffequartz rock vein desolation wilderness
alpine scene desolation wilderness sierra junipers in desolation wildernessrocky path in desolation wildernessrock study desolation wilderness
sierra juniper in desolation wildernessrock study in desolation wilderness sierra juniper in desolation wildernesssierra junipers