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Tags: white alligator, red-tailed catfish, anaconda, snapping turtle, parrotfish, reef, electric blue gecko, rockfish, goby, giant sea bass, poison dart frog, angelfish, moray eel, tomato frog, saharan spiny-tailed lizard, moorish idol, pipefish, mossy frog, butterflies

This was my second trip to the new building. It was for my girlfriend Katherine's birthday (her first trip.) We spent most of the time in the Steinhart Aquarium (as I did on the previous trip) and the rainforest exhibit. Still haven't seen the Giant Octopus!

California Academy of Sciences - 6/2009 

white alligator and alligator snapping turtleamazon red-tailed catfishanacondaelectric blue gecko
engineer goby fishgiant sea bassgiant sea bass detailgreen and black poison dart frog
underwater rainforestgreen mantella frogrockfishlaced and snowflake moray eels
orinoco or altum angelfishparrotfishpipefishtomato frog
 saharan spiny-tailed lizardsaharan spiny-tailed lizard detailmoorish idol fishupsidedown jellyfish
various garsvietnamese mossy frogwhite alligator zebra longwing butterfly on flower