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This was my first trip to the new building! We didn't see much outside of the Steinhart Aquarium and the rainforest exhibit. But what I saw impressed me a great deal and I cannot wait to go back. Here are some of the photos from the trip.

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California Academy of Sciences - 5/2009 

albino american alligatoralbino american alligator detailalligator snapping turtle coelacanth fish
black-tipped reef sharkbay raysunknown fishhoneycomb ray
california kelp tankchambered nautilusgiant day geckocoral reef tank
coral reef copper rockfishchina rockfishfire goby
vermillion rockfish rainforest pond areafrogfishcalifornia kelp tank
mexican beaded lizardgreen basiliskgreen black poison dart frog waxy monkey tree frogs
 clown triggerfishimperial angelfish jellyfish jellyfish
 pipefishleafy seadragon mandarin fish  giant sea bass
lahontan cutthroat trout upside down jellyfishred breasted pirahna snowflake moray eel
grunt sculpin  blue morpho butterflycoral reef tankharlequin shrimp