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Natural Bridges National Monument

Prospector Cass Hite came across these perforated rock walls, called natural bridges, when he was exploring White Canyon from his Colorado River placer gold camp in 1883. The nation was then newly eager to discover and protect its natural wonders. In 1904 The National Geographic Magazine publicized the bridges, and in 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed the National Monument.

The area was isolated, and until roads were built and then improved, access was difficult. This canyon country is generally arid, but it supports a diversity of plant cover and wildlife. From atop the plateau, where the visitor center and loop road are, you sense this arid character directly. At this elevation the pinyon-juniper forest dominates. Desert shrubs and grasses dominate lower areas. Down in the canyon bottoms, however, where the streams have an influence, you will encounter cottonwood trees and willows. Along the cliffs are Douglas-fir, oak, and maple. (Source: GORP)

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